My grandparents live in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy and they have taught me that the way to make good food is to make simple dishes with the best ingredients. I wish I could take everyone over to their house in Francolino to try their cooking, but instead you'll have to settle for me bringing their food to you!

And so I've created La Piadina Pronta which combines my love of food with my Italian heritage and the desire to share it with everyone. 

A Piadina is an Italian flat bread from the Romagna region. We sell hot, made-to-order Piadine filled with fresh ingredients sourced from local producers in Italy.

How do we make it?!

We heat the flat bread on a hot plate, thinly spread the base with our home-made sundried tomato paste (known as 'capuliato') and fill with various meats (parma ham, salami, mortadella), cheeses (buffalo mozzarella, stracchino, squaquerone) and salad before folding (kind of like a calzone) and serving. We even slice all our meats in front of the customer!

We serve two varieties of Piadina – La Piadina Romagnola and La Crescia Sfogliata.

I’m not keen on saying this but if I had to describe them I would say the Piadina Romagnola is like an ‘Italian Tortilla’ and the Crescia Sfogliata is similar to an ‘Italian Paratha’. The main difference being that the latter is more layered in texture. But it’s not really like either of these and the only way to appreciate this is to come and taste them for yourself!